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  V Bottom
A hull with the bottom section in the shape of a "V".
The angular difference between the magnetic meridian and the geographic meridian at a particular location.

VHF Radio
A very high frequency electronic communications and direction finding system.



Moving waves, track or path that a boat leaves behind it, when moving across the waters.


A manmade structure bonding the edge of a dock and built along or at an angle to the shoreline, used for loading, unloading, or tying up vessels. 

A line painted on a hull which shows the point to which a boat sinks when it is properly trimmed (see BOOT TOP).

Movement of a vessel through the water such as headway, sternway or leeway.


Toward the direction from which the wind is coming.



A pleasure vessel, a pleasure boat; in American usage the idea of size and luxury is conveyed, either sail or power. (According to a 1992 Forbes Magazine story on the America's Cup competition, the word "yacht" comes from the Dutch verb "jacht." The translation means "to throw up violently"). 


To swing or steer off course, as when running with a quartering sea.


A two-masted sailboat with the small mizzen mast stepped abaft the rudder post. 

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