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Batten Down
Secure hatches and loose objects both within the hull and on deck.

Alighted or unlighted fixed aid to navigation attached directly to the earths surface.
The greatest width of the boat.

The direction of an object expressed either as a true bearing as shown on the chart, or as a bearing relative to the heading of the boat.

Beneath the deck.

The part of the rope or line, between the end and the standing part, on which a knot is formed. 

The interior of the hull below the floor boards.

Bitter End
The last part of a rope or chain. The inboard end of the anchor rode.


A fairly indefinite term. A waterborne vehicle smaller than a ship. One definition is a small craft carried aboard a ship.


Boat Hook
A short shaft with a fitting at one end shaped to facilitate use in putting a line over a piling, recovering an object dropped overboard, or in pushing or fending off.

  Boot Top
A painted line that indicates the designed waterline.
The forward part of a boat.

Bow  Spring Line
A bow pivot line used in docking (and undocking), or to prevent the boat from moving forward or astern while made fast to a pier.

  Bow Line
A docking line leading from the bow.
  Bow  Line Knot
A knot used to form a temporary loop in the end of a line.
  Bow Sprit
A spar extending forward from the bow.

The location from which a vessel is steered and its speed controlled. "Control Station" is really a more appropriate term for small craft.


A line or wire secured at both ends in order to distribute a strain between two points.

  Bright Work
Varnished woodwork and/or polished metal.
A vertical partition separating compartments.

An anchored float used for marking a position on the water or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring.


Burdened Vessel
That vessel which, according to the applicable Navigation Rules, must give way to the privileged vessel. The term has been superseded by the term "give-way".


A compartment for passengers or crew.
To turn over.
  Cast Off
To let go.
A twin-hulled boat, with hulls side by side.

Used to keep the boat from moving sideways under certain wind conditions. It also increases the boats stability and aids in steering it.


Chafing Gear
Tubing or cloth wrapping used to protect a line from chafing on a rough surface.


That part of a body of water deep enough for navigation through an area otherwise not suitable. It is usually marked by a single or double line of buoys and sometimes by range markers.

The deepest part of the waterway, bay or strait, through which the main current flows.
A map for use by navigators.

The intersection of the bottom and sides of a flat or v-bottomed boat.

A fitting through which anchor or mooring lines are led. Usually U-shaped to reduce chafe.
A fitting to which lines are made fast. The classic cleat to which lines are belayed is approximately anvil-shaped.

Clove Hitch
A knot for temporarily fastening a line to a spar or piling.


A vertical piece around the edge of a cockpit, hatch, etc. to prevent water on deck from running below.


An opening in the deck from which the boat is handled.
COMPASS- Navigation instrument, either magnetic (showing magnetic north) or gyro (showing true north)


Compass Card
Part of a compass; the circular card graduated in degrees. It is attached to the compass needles and conforms with the magnet meridian referenced direction system inscribed with the direction. The vessel turns not the card


Compass Rose
The resulting figure when the complete 360


To lay a line down in circular turns.


The direction in which a boat is steered.


A small shelter cabin in a boat.


The horizontal movement of water.

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