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A combination of blocks and line used to increase mechanical advantage.


A seat or brace running laterally across a boat; also, a rower's seat extending across the boat.


At right angles to the centerline of the boat.


The periodic rise and fall of water level in the oceans.


A bar or handle for turning a boat's rudder or an outboard motor.


The sides of a vessel between the waterline and the deck; sometimes referring to onto or above the deck.


Relating to the part next above the topmast and below the royal mast. 


The sail above the lowermost sail on a square-rigged ship; also, the sail set above and sometimes on the gaff in a fore-and-aft rigged ship.


The stern cross-section of a square sterned boat.


Fore and aft balance of a boat.


A boat with three hulls.


A line fast to the crown of an anchor by means of which it can be hauled out when dug too deeply or fouled; a similar line used on a sea anchor to bring it aboard.


True North Pole
The north end of the earth's axis and also called North Geographic Pole. The direction indicated by 000 (or 360) on the true compass rose.


True Wind
The actual direction from which the wind is blowing.


A threaded, adjustable rigging fitting, used for stays, lifelines, and sometimes other rigging.



Vessel in motion, i.e., when not moored, at anchor, or aground.

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