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A spar to support the head of a gaff sail.


Gaff Rig
Four-sided mainsail defined by two booms, one located on the bottom, perpendicular to the mast, and another, located on top, at an angle from the mast.


The kitchen area of a boat.


The area of a ship's side where people board and disembark.


A general term for ropes, blocks, tackle and other equipment.


Give-Way Vessel
A term used to describe the vessel which must yield in meeting, crossing, or overtaking situations.


Grab Rails
Hand-hold fittings mounted on cabin tops and sides for personal safety when moving around the boat.


Ground Tackle
A collective term for the anchor and its associated gear.


The upper edge of a boat's sides.



Line which pulls up the sail.


A safe anchorage, protected from most storms; may be natural or manmade, with breakwaters and jetties; a place for docking and loading.


Hard Chine
An abrupt intersection between the hull side and the hull bottom of a boat so constructed.


An opening in a boat's deck fitted with a watertight cover.


A marine toilet. Also the upper corner of a triangular sail.


The direction in which a vessel's bow points at any given time.


The forward motion of a boat. Opposite of sternway.


The wheel or tiller controlling the rudder.


The person who steers the boat.


A knot used to secure a rope to another object or to another rope, or to form a loop or a noose in a rope.


A compartment below deck in a large vessel, used solely for carrying cargo.


The main body of a vessel.


The layer of water in a thermally stratified lake that lies below the thermocline, is non-circulating, and remains perpetually cold.


A life threatening condition in which the body's temperature is subnormal and the entire body cools.

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